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Miles Kessler
"The Evolution of Response"
An introduction to
"The Uncommon Path"
Irish Author Mick Quinn, introduce "The Uncommon Path".
The book is a compelling guide to uncovering concealed conditioning and grow beyond it.
In the book, Mick clearly exposing the distractions we face and points us to
the next level of individual and cultural development.
The goal is to awaken to our full potential, and until we are gone, we are here, and this is the purpose.

Miles Kessler Sensei, the founder and director of Integral Dojo in Tel Aviv, Israel, unpack the teaching of "The Evolution of Response". He is an Evolutionary Aikido and Dharma Teacher, and a dear spiritual friend.
Miles spent a few hours in Zurich, on his way to teach in a Europe. It was a beautiful spring day, and we took a walk by the lake. I asked Miles to talk a little about Aikido. I had no idea... Aikido is indeed a Martial Art, just like I already knew, but it is also a lot more.
In Aikido, you shift your perspective to where you are actually at one with the other person. Aikido happens in relationship. It is about Awakened Relationship, eventually creating an awake and aware system. A system with its own intelligence. It is like awakened inspired musical jam session, creating an inter subjective space...

Integral Dojo Tel Aviv;
The Integral Dojo is a center committed to supporting individuals and the culture they live in towards greater growth and integration through practices engaging the body, mind, heart and spirit. The center offers daily Aikido classes, Weapons class, Nia, Meditation, day retreats, open talks and workshops from renown teachers from all over the world.
Ha'achim Mislavita 7, 67010 Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tell; +972 35624164
Facebook Page; http://on.fb.me/I5EwaR

Piano Beautiful
Eagle de Botton talk to Jessica Roemischer about her innovative approach to piano improvisation. Her approach makes it possible for everyone, regardless of age, background or even the presence of a disability, to access the source of creativity within.
Joan Berland has a Master's degree in Education from the Bank Street College of Education and over 26 years of experience as an elementary school teacher. She has taught in private and public schools in the United States and Dutch West Indies, and presently is in a third grade classroom in a New York State public school. She has trained student teachers for 20 years and lead workshops at state teacher’s conferences in New York, Virginia and California. In 2008 she wrote, produced, and starred in a public access program about teaching “new” math to parents. Joan has been collaborating with Nick Drummond since 2007 to develop and pilot an original curriculum for Creating Dynamic Development and Harmony in the Classroom.
Email: wjberland@msn.com
In this video dialogue, Eagle de Botton speak with Igal moria, about Meditation and its importance in the 21 century. Meditation provides the key to an unconditioned, wholesome, and profoundly free relationship to life.
At the end the dialogue, Igal Moria conduct short
guided meditation.
Nick Drummond is a social scientist, and graduate of the University of Western Sydney. He lives in Sweden with his wife and two children. He is the founder of Nordic Integral Education and works as a Leadership trainer in education, from preschools to universities giving seminars and workshops as well as teaching part time. Together with Joan Berland he has created the program called “Creating Dynamic Development and Harmony in the Classroom.” He is co-author of “Order and Discipline in the School: One step on the Path to Dynamic Harmony in the Classroom” in Swedish. In his free time he trains and instructs TaeKwonDo.
Email: nick.drummond@nordicintegral.com Website: www.nordicintegral.com

Amy Edelstein is a senior teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment. She is also an Executive Assistant to Andrew Cohen and a founding member of EnlightenNext. I (Eagle de Botton) Was lucky to be introduced to the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, about 3 years ago. A lot has happened since then, because it was opening for me a door to the understanding of the... purpose of life.
Now, 2012, and Andrew Cohen introduces his teaching in a beautiful book, that you would want to read, if you wish to evolve and maintain a position of freedom.

For more about Andrew Cohen, and the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, visit http://www.EnlighenNext.net and http://www.andrewcohen.org

Their work is about developing the individual and collective "consciousness" of a class of children. Nick Drummond and Joan Berland developed a learning program based on recognizing consciousness as always being a primary part of our experience. Although it is not easily seen or widely recognized, it is something that can be pointed to, described and developed. "As educators, this means learning how to give attention to the interior as well as the exterior dimension of the classroom environment..."

Click Here for short clips of the first dialog with Mick Quinn, about awakened relationship.
Click Here for short clips of the first dialog with Mick Quinn, about awakened relationship.
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Individuals interested in Awakened Living, are at the Awakened Relationship website.

Mick Quinn is also the leader of the forum at the new
Awakened Relationship Forum.
For more about Mick Quinn and The Uncommon Path go to;

More about Jessica Roemischer and her work at;

Read about the Evolution of Education work, of Nick Drummond and Joan Berland, at

Read their article
"Creating Dynamic Development and Harmony in the classroom"

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